Family Date Weekend
January 17, 2020. All day

This weekend we are encouraging parents to take their kid(s) on a date.  They can register at the information booth to receive a packet with a gift, coupons, conversation starters, ideas and some special surprises.

We would like each family to plan an evening with a child and make it as special as they can. We have provided all the resources they should need.

Moms, take out your son or daughter, and dads do the same. You can go out Friday - Sunday, so if you have multiple kids, you can make a special evening for each.

Like the group "Good News Kids" and join the event "Family Date Weekend". We would love for you to upload pictures of your special evening with everyone who has joined and throughout the weekend we will be randomly giving out some special surprises.

Good News Families...Let's Make Some Memories!!!