Glad Tidings is encouraging everyone to take part in the We Believe Garage Sales each weekend in May.

Our goal is to have at least 5 garage sales around the city each weekend. The purpose for these garage sales is to create a unique avenue to raise money for our We Believe Campaign. All monetary donations can be turned into the church office. Please designate your donation for the We Believe Campaign to receive proper credit. We need people to host garage sales, help run the garage sales and provide items to sell.

Host, volunteer, or sell at a garage sale.

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Upcoming Garage Sales

8229 Castelar | Wednesday, May 7-10, 8am-6pm | Contact
15262 Burt Street | Thursday, May 8-9, 8am-2pm | Contact
708 Oak Ridge Road, Papillion | May 15-17, 8am-3:30pm | Contact
1023 N 122nd Street | May 15-17, 8am-4pm | Contact
2008 Smith Road, Bellevue | May 15-16, 8:30am-5pm | Contact
2008 Smith Road Bellevue | Saturday, May 17, 9am | Contact
6025 Franklin Street | May 22-24 , 8am | Contact
1612 N 107th Street | May 29-31 , 9am-5pm | Contact
20215 Wirt Street, Elkhorn, NE | May 30-31 , 8am-5pm | Contact
6711 N 102nd Ave | May 31 , 10am-5pm | Contact

Steps to a Successful Garage Sale

Garage Sales typically do best on Thursday mornings. It’s best to start early: Thursday & Friday from 8am–3pm, and Saturday 8am-12pm. Later hours do not produce much traffic.

  1. Organize like items together and display neatly.
  2. Each item must be priced. If several people are selling items at the same location, it is helpful to price with different tags to keep it simple who is donating what.
  3. Keep prices reasonable.
  4. Take pictures of higher end items or larger ticket items to post on Craigslist to spark interest.
  5. Pick up signs at the information center & post signs near neighborhood entrances and major intersections. If you put your address on the sign, make sure it is clear and easy to read from a car that drives by. Face arrows in the correct direction to your sale.
  6. Put an ad on at least 2 days before sale.
    • Click “Post to classifieds
    • Click “For sale by owner”
    • Click “Garage & moving sales”
    • Fill out form
    • “Posting Title”  –  put address of sale/major intersection/area
    • “Posting Body”  –  make sure you put your correct address, time of sale, and list several items, name brands, large items, etc.
    • Verify address on the map
    • Click “Choose files” – upload any pictures of your set-up or bigger items.
    • Click “Publish”
    • Remove/Delete ad when sale is finished.
  7. Get a money box and change. You will want to have coins if you have priced items for .25 or less, and several $1, $5, & $10’s. Make sure to write down how much money you had at the beginning.
  8.  Keep track of your sales in a notebook or paper.
  9. Do not let your money box go unattended.
  10. When you are done, line up a place to bring your un-purchased items. Find another garage sale for the next weekend or donate to Open Door Mission or similar organization.
  11. Remove all yard signs when sale is finished.
  12. Turn in all proceeds in Sunday’s Offering in an envelope marked “We Believe Garage Sale”.


How to Post and Item to Craigslist

  1. Go to website
  2. Click “Post to classifieds”
  3. Click “For sale by owner”
  4. Choose a category for your item and click it
  5. Fill out form – email address, phone number, contact name (only use first name) & select phone or text
  6. Specific Location – list Midtown, Ralston, Papillion or close large intersection:  168 & Q, etc…
  7. “Posting Title” – clearly list your item (example:  1960’s Retro Dining Table & Chairs)
  8. Put your price and postal code
  9. “Posting Body”  – Put your phone number and if you want texting in the body. Explain what you are selling in detail.  Use this place to mention all proceeds are a donation for a building fundraiser at your church.
  10. Put size of item – height or table, clothing size, width of couch, etc…
  11. List the items condition – then click continue
  12. Verify address on the map – list address if you want.  You may choose to keep your address off the ad if you do not want to meet someone at your house.  You can choose a public location to meet when someone calls.
  13. Click “Choose files” – upload any pictures one at a time.  You can put several on your ad.  Pictures sell, the better they can see your item, the more likely they will be to purchase.
  14. Click “Done with Images”
  15. Click “Publish”
  16. Remove/Delete ad when sale is finished.
  17. Turn in proceeds in Sunday’s Offering in an envelope marked “We Believe Garage Sale”.