Glad Tidings Story

Prayer Ministry

Good News Church is called to be a house of prayer to all nations.

Prayer is a very important key to your spiritual life. Prayer is praise, thanksgiving, adoration, intercession, supplication, petition and much more. It’s talking to God the Father and listening for Him to speak back to you. It is communion with God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ who is sitting at His right hand constantly making intercession for us.

Altar Ministry

The altar is a meeting place with God and a place to be altered by God’s presence and power.

Our role as altar ministers is to be that of an intercessor for the person being prayed for.  We “stand in the gap” and pray what we hear the Father in Heaven saying.

Debra Lien Image

I am altar worker because I love how God gives me just the right words to pray to touch that person's very soul that they know it is from Him and not me. Sometimes I am ministered by those words as much as the person I'm praying for.

Debra Lien
Bob Nikunen Image

I am an altar worker to be Jesus' hands and feet to set the captives free.

Bob Nikunen
Naomi Adjei Image

Being an altar worker reminds me of the story in Mark 2 where four of the friends of a sick man led him to be healed by Jesus. Because of the faith of His friends, he was healed. I am blessed and honored to be one of those for another.

Naomi Adjei

Praying for others is such an honor and privilege. People come trusting and allowing you to stand in the gap and pray for their situation, to show them that what they're going through matters. Amazing!!

Wendi Reed
Eric Smith Image

First of all I love the Lord and to be able to share that unconditional love He had shown me with others is such a blessing for me and I hope for them. I always pray that the Lord will use me for his purpose to help those who are in need, those who need another chance, a special healing, a special touch from Him. We serve a God of a second chance, that's the Promise, that's His Word!

Eric Smith
Lilian Curtis Image

I am an altar worker because I am called to stand with those who come in faith to receive from God. I am privileged to stand with, intercede and engage in spiritual battle for the souls of God's people so they would receive salvation, healing, restoration, deliverance and walk away changed by the by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Lilian Curtis
Carissa Zachary Image

I love partnering with Holy Spirit and being a vessel through which The Kingdom of Heaven - Jesus comes near a soul to touch him/her powerfully impacting lives.

Carissa Zachary

I am blessed to be part of the prayer minister as an altar worker because in James 5: 16, it says to "pray for one another." And in I Peter 4:7--we are "to be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer." We are admonished to exhort and encourage one another daily.

Marcia Druliner

Because I love to help people…agree with them on their needs and ask The Lord God Almighty to intervene on their behalf…then I like to stand back and watch what The Lord does.

Clyde Ford

Intercessory Prayer

There are 6 intercessory prayer teams that meet and pray each Sunday morning in the Prayer Room. They are men and women committed to abiding in the secret place on your behalf. They are imploring the Lord for the Glory of God to be made manifest among us.

Prophetic Ministry

Prophetic ministry is sharing what is on the heart of the Father for His children for the purpose of building up edifying and bringing comfort. We do this through teams trained in prophetic ministry each Wednesday night at 6:40pm, 7:00pm, and 7:20pm. You can sign up in the Lobby beginning at 6:30pm.

Linda Whitehill Image

I love being on this team because the power of the Lord flows freely and brings encouragement to those who need to hear the Fathers heart concerning them.

Linda Whitehill
Naomi Adjei Image

I love speaking the heart of God over people and seeing them receive the love of God. I love how prophetic words propel people into their destiny, I love how prophetic words birth faith in people.

Naomi Adjei

Daily Prayer Services

The early Church gathered together daily to pray, break bread together, share the word and for fellowship. (Acts 2:42)

This is exactly what happens on a daily basis at Good News Church. There are people gathering together 3 times a day to host the Presence of the Lord through prayer, worship, fellowship and communion. During this time of prayer and worship it is normal for prophetic words and healing to take place.

Our daily prayer services are 6am, noon and 6:30pm, Sunday 7:00am.

Sonia Tevoedjre Image

There is something intimately inviting about the Good News prayer room -- welcomed by the warmth of His Presence, it's where I gained confidence in praying more effectively, found a community who became like family, and discovered a sweet spot for just hanging with the Lord.

Sonia Tevoedjre
Naomi Adjei Image

I definitely find community in the prayer room. I always feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. There is something new and different each time I go there.

Naomi Adjei
Bobby Clarke Image

There have been days I didn’t want to lead nor pray. Just being transparent. But Jesus! He totally understands our weakness, that’s why we need one another, to help bare our burdens and sometimes praying can feel like a burden. I believe the prayer meetings have saved my life. Only God knows what plan the enemy had lurking in the shadows of life. But prayer covered and kept me/us!

Bobby Clarke
Gary Peterson Image

Leading prayer opens my eyes to see God speaking to everyone and watching them grow in the Lord.

Gary Peterson
Jim Settle Image

People come who bring powerful anointing because they have been in the secret place with Jesus. They don't come to find it; they bring it and add it to what others bring. Many on Tuesday evening share testimonies each week of healing, miracles, and leading others to Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jim Settle

There are Prayer Services that have a focus:

1-Missionaries and the Nations
2-3 and 5th United States of America
4- Israel

3rd Somali 9:00am


Please call Pastor Chris at 402.391.6515 x208 – if you are interested in being on the Deliverance Team or you would like to be ministered to by the Deliverance Ministry.