This Sunday we launched a redesign of our website,

Our team has been working very hard to improve the content and user experience of the site from top to bottom. Whether you are visiting Glad Tidings for the first time or a regular attendee, we want you to have the best possible experience, find what you’re looking for and make a meaningful connection to our church.

With this update comes lots of design and technical improvements. Here are some of the most important improvements we’ve made to the site:

Modernized User Interface

We’ve redesigned the overall look and feel to be more cleaner and simpler while still providing a similar experience for those familiar with our previous site. We’ve prioritized content to display in a meaningful way, bringing your attention to one thing at a time as you scroll through the site.


We’ve been taking lots of photos of our services lately! If someone is visiting Glad Tidings for the first time and visits our site, we want them to get a feeling for what its like to attend a weekly service. A big thanks to our media ministry team for helping take beautiful photography.


Our mission is to see real transformation happen in people’s lives. Probably the most important part of the site is telling the transformation stories that are happing every day. Each page of the website loads a new story and the homepage loads three new stories randomly every time someone visits.

We want to hear more stories like these! You can Share Your Story from any one of the stories pages.

News on homepage

We know that sometimes you may need some quick info about an event or want to know what’s going on this week. This is why we’ve created a snapshot of Upcoming Events and News items right on the homepage.

Welcome/plan your visit

If someone is visiting Glad Tidings for the first time, they are almost definitely visiting our website first. We’ve improved the information for first-time guests on our New to Glad Tidings page. This includes information and photographs of our services and even a Plan Your Visit form where people can let us know they are coming, allowing our Welcome Team to serve them better when they arrive.


Each of our ministries pages has been redesigned but we especially wanted to do a better job of serving and highlighting our International community. We have over 50 nations represented at Glad Tidings and we celebrate that and show what that looks like through the redesigned Internationals page.

Our goal is to bring the Good News to All People and our website is just one more way we can do that. If you have questions or comments about the new site, we’d love to hear them. Just head on over to the Contact page or email