Because of His love, I have learned to love myself and to love others.

When I first walked into Ultimate Journey I felt stuck.  I had grown up in a family where I never heard things like, “I love you, I am proud of you or you did a good job.” Instead, I heard things like, “you will never amount to anything, you can’t do anything right, and no one will ever want you.” I was stuck because I believed the lies. I know now they were lies. I had believed them for so long that even if someone told they loved me or cared about me I would not believe them. I truly believed that I was unloved and unlovable. I did not love myself. My own parents and family did not love me so why would God. I was stuck in a huge pile of lies that I believed. That is the past. That is not where I am now. It is not about me. It is about Christ in me!! 

Now let me tell you what God did through Ultimate Journey. I was tired of being stuck. I went into Ultimate Journey with one goal and that was to be unstuck and know that I was loved. I did not realize that I was already loved beyond measure. About the 5th week of phase one I began to feel the chains fall off. I heard God say that He loved me and He chose me to be his kid. On purpose, He chose me to be His very own child. How cool is that! He loves me so much that no matter what I do, not matter what I say, and no matter what I think God will never ever love me any more or any less than He does right now today or he did the day I was born. Because of His love for me I have learned to love myself and to love others. I have forgiven others in my past and now I can love them. I have learned how to nurture myself and talk to the little child inside myself. 

I have not had contact with my siblings for over 20 years. I spent a great deal of time being angry and depressed because I did not have siblings to talk to. During Ultimate Journey God showed me how many siblings I really have. Now I see so clearly the family God has given me.  My sisters and brothers in the choir are so special to me. I have siblings throughout this entire church.  God has even given spiritual parents Mom Sunny and Dad Grant.  My siblings and my special parents  encourage me and love me.  I know now that I am loved beyond measure. 

It is all about Christ in me. He is right beside me everywhere I go. He is my one true source for everything. Now I can look at a problem and say “God you have a problem” then I can give it to Him and watch how He takes care of things. He is the God of my past, my present, and my future. He has always been there. He has never and will never give up on me. Now I have constant open communication with my Father, my dad. 

I am not the person I used to be. I am not stuck any more. I am learning more and more each day to see myself as God sees me; no more and no less. I am me and it is ok to be the real me. My old heart is gone and God has given me a new heart full of love, acceptance, joy, and excitement to see what new things God is going to do through me. I am a vessel that God is using for His Kingdom. I have a passion in my heart for Ultimate Journey and I have never had a passion like this before. I am excited to see so many others set free in Ultimate Journey. If you have been thinking about going through Ultimate Journey get signed up. It begins January 9 and meets every Tuesday evening. If you want to know more I would love to talk to you about it

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