This is the powerful love that brings the hope, peace, and joy of Christ.

When I take a step back and look at how God has used this church to impact my life, it’s pretty crazy! I dedicated my life to Him here. I was baptized here. I was filled with the Holy Spirit here. I met my wife here, and we dedicated our children here. I’ve met a couple of my best friends here. It’s easy to forget what God has done if I don’t slow down life a little bit and make the conscious effort to remember how awesome He’s been to me, and how much of an impact Good News has made in my personal journey.

There are literally too many experiences and encounters with God I have had here to write about, but one of the moments that sticks out is how God spoke to me about His plans for my life. Back when I was in college, several years after dedicating my life to Jesus, I had an exponentially growing passion for music and playing guitar. After spending countless time playing, putting a lot of focus and attention into developing my skills and craft, and even serving at the churches young adult ministry, The Underground, for a couple of years, I felt compelled to take a step back and surrender it to God, in a way I hadn’t before. Through a specific message preached, I was led to the altar, and there I told God, “I have committed so much of my time and attention, and even hope, into playing guitar, and leading worship.  I absolutely love it, it’s my biggest passion, but I need to hear from You. I am scared to even pray this, but if this isn’t the calling You’ve placed on my life, I don’t want it to consume my time and thoughts any longer, at least in the capacity it currently does. I lay it at Your feet. I’ll give it up for You. If You have a different plan for me, speak to me.  I won’t leave this altar until You speak to me.” It sounds kind of harsh and direct, haha, which is typically not my style, but I felt led to pray that way that night. And in that moment I felt a hand on my shoulder, and someone who knew nothing about what I was struggling with or talking to God about, began praying for God to bless me as a guitarist, musician, and worshipper, asking that God would open doors in this area of my life and move in power. This was one of the many powerful ways God spoke to me about His will for my life.

The relationships I have developed with others at Good News Church through my walk with Jesus have truly been life-altering, and absolutely shape who I am as a person. I believe often times we encounter God through His people, and it is through that belief that I am so impacted and passionate about the importance of loving others, speaking life into their darkness and discouragement, believing in people before they give you a reason to believe in them, and loving people where they are, as Jesus loved me before I made any steps towards Him. This is the powerful love that calls out sinners, changes the hearts and perspectives of God’s people who are struggling (because we all do), and brings the hope, peace, and joy of Christ. I have developed these kinds of relationships here at Good News Church.

Even in beginning to write a couple of these things, I feel as if I am not bringing justice to the countless examples and moments of how God has moved in and through me. I’m so grateful for my relationship with Him, what He has done for me, His awesomeness, and how amazing of a church He has led me to.

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