I have a peace and freedom that I have never known before.

Good News Church has been home to me now for just over a year, and I can’t say enough about how great and awesome my experience has been there.

This is the first time in my life, 39 years, that I have ever actually picked a church to attend on my own. As it turns out, I didn’t do it alone at all. The Holy Spirit has led me the whole way. Hallelujah!

I was led to Omaha through a ministry called Adult and Teen Challenge of the Midlands. A long story short, I had completely lost sight of everything that was important in my life. I had ruined it and abused every relationship in my life. I was lost to Self, cleaning desperately to drugs and alcohol. Clueless, hurt, lost and scared I found myself back in jail again, with seemingly no help for myself or for my future. Christ was always with me. As soon as I cried out to the Lord, he began to move in my life. God took me all the way through my jail time, rehab time, through a spiritual discipleship ministry program, and now into 2018 and new exciting things.

It was definitely a challenge. A challenge to accept that my mind and heart had been corrupted by the enemy, and by the things of this world. Transforming myself by the renewal of my mind with Gods word, his truth, has given me peace and freedom that I have never known before.

Omaha is where I was promoted to within the Adult And Teen Challenge program upon completing the introductory in training phases in Colfax Iowa. While in Omaha, I was given the opportunity to get a job and pick a church. The Holy Spirit led me all the way. All the way to Good News Church. As I was walking up the hill and saw the building, I smiled, as I said to myself, ” I found it!” The gentleman wearing an orange vest looked at me, smiled and said, ” You made it! Welcome. Enjoy the service.” I certainly did just that. The presence of God dwells here. He reigns here. We praise our king here. In this house, we will serve the Lord. I Felt the love immediately, the passion, the authority in this place. Then I found the prayer room. Oh man! I found the furnace room!

Soon I began to serve in the choir, and in every area where I felt called, I was encouraged in and there was a place for me to be strengthened in that area. It was amazing! It has been amazing! I have since been baptized, found a great small group to attend, join the worship team, and I am excited for 2018 and where God is leading me.

Since completing the Adult And Teen Challenge program in May, I have been and stayed very connected and involved here at church. Through serving and engaging the spirit, and with others, I have found wonderful friends and family in Christ that I know I will have for the rest of my life. This church, the people, the prayer, the precense , the preaching, the teaching, this is church! This is home. This is how it should be.

Now, I have had to be intentional in my making friendships and building relationships, and strengthening my Spirit Man, but, it was all right here waiting for me.

I thank God, honestly, not enough, for Him leading me here. To be loved, accepted, connected, empowered, strengthened, encouraged, inspired, matured, and to be a part of a Real Church Family.

Thank you Jesus!!

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