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Acts 12: Killed & Persecuted

Dec 4, 2022    Pastor Isaiah Fern

Website to Pray for Persecuted Christians

Pastor Isaiah shares about the persecution the early church went through with the Apostle James being executed then Peter being imprisoned. He shares 3 main points:

1.   As the GOSPEL of Jesus spreads, so does the HATE of the people of Jesus.

Three reasons why you will be persecuted as a Christian:

a.    Your presence exposes darkness and sin. When people realize you don’t do the things they do because it’s wrong and you love differently, it makes them realize the darkness and sin they are living in.

b.   Followers of Jesus stand up for righteousness and justice & this threatens people who benefit from taking advantage of people.

c.    Followers of Jesus speak the truth, even when it’s not popular, and this makes people angry.

2.    Christians don’t stand by and do nothing when persecuted.

3.    The Gospel cannot be stopped by anything, even violence.