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Care Team

Providing opportunities to utilize our God given purpose to others in times of need.

Communications Team

Capturing, celebrating, and communicating stories of transformation. Using our creativity and technical skills to actively participate in digital discipleship, giving people an opportunity to connect with God and the Good News Family through online platforms & media.

Connections Team

Enhancing an environment for people to experience a connection to God and community.

Discipleship Team

Following the command of Jesus to become like Him and following His example to engage others in a relational journey so that they experience wholeness in Christ. Loving God and loving others!

Events Team

Building community within our church family.

Facilities Team

Maintaining God’s house for a foundational platform to all ministries to succeed through passionate servanthood.

Global Team

Educating, mobilizing, and equipping God’s people in living out their unique role within God’s global purposes through an intentional transformed life, so that all nations might know and love Jesus.

Kids Team

Equipping every family to be healthy; every kid a lifelong disciple of Christ.

Tech Team

Leading and enhancing elements in services through audio and visual.

Worship Team

Leading people into an encounter with Jesus.

Youth Team

Investing in the Youth of Omaha to be saved and transformed by a genuine relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

4Purpose Team

Creating an environment that helps discover God-given purpose, and take steps to impact our church, city and the world on mission.